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 Our mission

We nurture a sense of story in everything we do. At the core of every impactful story is the human being and emotions. To leave this dimension untapped is to waste the potential of the video medium.

Our pledge to the customer

We serve our customers in all their needs: from consumer commercials to brand identity building, from b-to-b content to social campaigns. We approach each project as if it were our first and last chance to impress the customer and, especially, the viewer.

How we work

Our price-quality ratio is our competitive advantage. We handpick our project-based teams among the best talents in the industry. Our shooting team is optimally compact, our fixed costs at a minimum. We adapt our creative concept for different platforms, including social media, guaranteeing that the customer gets the most out of each production.


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Markus Mutanen  Producer/CEO +358 50 581 1345

Markus Mutanen
+358 50 581 1345

Hard facts: Markus M is a founding partner of Smak and works as CEO, producer and director. 

"I am most interested in real people and their stories. My asset is building trust and closeness with the people we have the privilege to film."

Mushy facts: Skilled with his hands, Markus can build almost anything: a house, a set, you name it! Of the three Smak guys Markus is also the first (but not last) to cry in the movies. 

Markus Palmén  Director/Writer +358 40 596 0838

Markus Palmén
+358 40 596 0838

Suit-and-tie facts: Markus P works as scriptwriter and concept planner, as well as director. His background is 10 + years in online journalism, creative writing, media concept development and audiovisual content. 

"I want to create beauty and positive change through meaningful stories. I love to peek into our clients' worlds to find these stories."

Cuddly facts: Eleven-year-old Markus filmed his first feature film "Every detective loves a murder" on a VHS camcorder the size of a micro wave oven. The climax of the film included throwing a man-sized teddy bear off a balcony.

Matti Immonen  DP/Photographer +358 50 370 5058

Matti Immonen
+358 50 370 5058

Tough-as-nails facts: In his photography and filmmaking career spanning well over a decade Matti has established himself as one of the leading industrial image makers of his generation. 

"Creating a whole visual world from scratch - that's what drives me!"

Snuggly facts: A founding partner of Smak, Matti wanted the company's name to be an analogy to the culinary world, craftsmanship and quality ingredients. Sure enough, Matti is known for his delicious paleo-omelets in company retreats.


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