This three-episode video series was part of a national campaign created by Drum Communications for PTT ry. Our brief was to have space astronomer Esko Valtaoja visit real single family house dwellers and bust outdated myths about this type of housing. 

We decided to move this premise into the comedy-mockumentary genre, to use entertainment value to amplify the campaign message. We shot in real homes with generous non-actors on a tight schedule - leaving some room for improvisation too! A great reminder that filmmaking is a team sport!

Campaign site: www.jarkikotiin.fi

Client: PTT ry, The Finnish Association for Manufacturers of Prefabricated Houses

Agency: Drum Communications

Production: Smak Film

Talent: Esko Valtaoja

Producer: Markus Mutanen

Script: Markus Palmén in co-operation with Peetu Heikkinen, Drum

Director: Markus Palmén

Cinematography: Matti Immonen

Editor: Jesse Jokela

Sound Design & Music: Viljami Mehto

Graphics: Teemu Åke


TEASERS 00:30s



Järki kotiin -Episode 1: "The better bachelor pad". Length 3:20

Järki kotiin -Episode 2: "A Distant Star". Length 3:38

Järki kotiin -Episode 3: "Return to Roots". Length 4:07.